Fruitegic Horoscope – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

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Fruitegic Horoscope – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

This week, we are thrilled to present to you an exciting Fruitegic horoscope featuring the last three zodiac signs portrayed as vibrant fruits! Our team has put together a fun and unique horoscope that simulates each sign with their corresponding fruit based on various factors such as appearance, taste, benefits, and other characteristics related to their growth and personalities. Let’s meet Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

So get ready to dive into this refreshing and delicious world of astrology as we unveil the delectable pairings of fruits that perfectly complement the traits of the remaining zodiac signs. We hope this will bring a new dimension and perspective to your horoscope reading and provide you with an enjoyable and insightful experience. Get ready to be amazed as you discover the intriguing connections between the zodiac world and the colorful fruits we have matched them with!


Fruitegic Horoscope - Capricornus Pear

Pear is a fruit that people have enjoyed for millennia. Believed to have originated in China, pear trees were highly valued in ancient times and spread throughout Europe via the Silk Road. It has a long tradition. In Greek mythology, pears were a symbol of immortality, while in ancient Rome they were considered a luxury.

The strong will, responsibility, and strength of Capricorn remind us of the lovely pear. Additionally, just as a pear tree can thrive in harsh weather conditions, Capricorns are known for their ability to persevere through difficult situations. The independence that Capricorn shows is related to the fact that pears ripen even after they are picked from the tree. This is why they are often seen as a symbol of longevity and were even referred to as ‘the fruit of the gods’ by the ancient Greeks.

Did you know that pears ripen better when they are placed near bananas? Well, in the horoscope, Leo (which we presented as a banana fruit) and Capricorn relationship is described as a love for life. Furthermore, just as the pear benefits from being near bananas, Capricorns tend to thrive in the company of those who inspire them. Pears are a very economical fruit, just as Capricorn respects an economic way of living.
This perfectly aligns with Capricorn’s practical and resourceful nature.

Many musical instruments are made from the pear tree, and the leaves were used instead of tobacco back in history. In fact, pear wood is known to be particularly durable and strong, making it a favorite among woodworkers. The fruit itself is used for many delicious dishes and juices. So next time you enjoy a juicy pear, remember the many connections this humble fruit has to astrology, mythology, and history.

Lemon (JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 18)

Fruitegic Horoscope - Aquarius Lemon

As Aquarians like to play the role of leader, we can say that lemon is definitely related to that characteristic. In fact, lemon has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, especially for its high content of Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and aids in digestion.
You can’t imagine any sweet or salty dish without the flavor of lemon, which gives that perfect touch, that perfect spice.
Lemon can also be used for its health benefits outside of the kitchen – its juice can be used as a natural remedy for sore throat and its essential oil is a popular ingredient in aromatherapy.

The ability of Aquarians to mix a practical approach with romance is similar to the ability of lemon to be used not only as a food or drink ingredient. Furthermore, lemon’s acidic properties make it a great natural cleaning agent for removing stains and disinfecting surfaces around the house.

Lemon is a great companion when it comes to cleaning your house, and it’s not a surprise that many detergents use its aroma.
So next time you squeeze some lemon onto your dish or use it to clean your kitchen counters, remember the versatile nature of this fruit is not unlike the multifaceted personality of an Aquarian.

Pomegranate (FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 20)

Fruitegic Horoscope - Pisces Pomegranate

Pomegranate has a slimy inside structure that reminds us of the slimy character of Pisces. The pomegranate’s slimy inside structure is due to its numerous arils, which contain the fruit’s juicy sacs and seeds.

This fruit has deep ancient origins that date back to the Ascend Greek period. In fact, the pomegranate is mentioned in Greek mythology and the Bible, and was even revered by ancient Egyptians. It is described as the fruit of love and death. According to legend, the first pomegranate tree was planted by Aphrodite on the Island of Cyprus. As Aphrodite was the goddess of love, the pomegranate is a symbol of love and fertility. On the other side, the myth of Hades and Persephone gives it a different touch. However, its reputation as a ‘fruit of death’ comes from the Greek myth of Persephone and her captivity in the underworld. Hades was the god of the underworld. He married Persephone and tricked her into eating six pomegranate seeds, which condemned her to spend six months every year in the underworld. After Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds, she was bound to the underworld for six months of every year. But despite its dark associations, the pomegranate remains a symbol of love and fertility in many cultures.

Whether you view it as a fruit of life or death, the pomegranate’s dual nature is part of its enduring allure. In astrology, Pisces is similarly known for its duality and fluid nature. But like the pomegranate, this duality can be a source of strength and beauty, rather than a weakness.
This dual opposite nature of the pomegranate is related to the Pisces combination of conscious and unconscious, reality, and unreality, past, and future..

So next time you enjoy a juicy pomegranate, remember its rich history and embrace its complex nature.


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