We are calling you to create HMTL5 games, work with us with the Fruitegic. Fruitegic creators started Fruitegic story in 2017. The crew of enthusiasts who discovered HTML5 gaming world, fascinated with the flexibility of the games where players can simply land to the website and start their experience without need to install some application to their devices, started to explore HMTL5 world. 

Fruitegic family game collection was born. Memory match games which can offer players fun and educative content become the brand Fruitegic team never gave up.


Fruitegic mission


We are inspired by players who are playing games with desire to have fun, to learn and to relax. We want to create games where relaxing and playing are the perfect way to learn, practice memory and reflexes.


Fruitegic vision


The perfect quality time is a combination of fun, learning, being inspired and solving quests with a family and friends. Fruitegic games are just one level away of this perfect mix.


Fruitegic values


Players first

Players are the most important for us. We don’t want to convert our players in money machines where every click and tap hides a trap. You get what you see! The game presented is always the game you’ll have a chance to play. Continuous feedback from the players is equal vote with creators of the games.

Beauty and kindness

We want to reflect beauty and kindness through our visual look. Colors and look and feel of the game are carefully chosen. We don’t promote any aggressive or distrustful behavior and we are against any kind of the violence promoted in the games with propose to show wrong behavior or any disrespectful manner.

Practice and learning

Fruitegic team is basing their knowledge on continuous practice and learning just as we are happy to see our players practicing their skills and being eager to learn different things, solve trivia and actively play our minigames. Practice skills and learning from behavior are the mirror between Fruitegic team and their fans.

Improvement and progress

In order to keep the right path, we value constant improvement which leads to progress.


Fruitegic - Work with us

If you are HTML5 developer and you need help to finish or publish your game, we can be a perfect match for you. We are open to help young developers who just started to create HTML5 content and we can support your project and publish it at our website. Please read more about this process, all the steps and qualifications you need.


1. Send us your game idea, HTML5 game draft and other documentation so we can review. Please send your idea to: 

2. Review time. Give us 7 days before we reply to you

3. We will contact you with the details

4. Your turn! If you reply to our plan we will pack your game and publish it on our website.

5. Let’s promote your game to the Fruitegic community


  • You are young developer, game producer or designer, with original game idea and original game story
  • You did not publish the game at any service, website or portal
  • You are ready to be promoted and promote your work under the Fruitegic brand
  • You don’t have to develope whole game, you can present your idea or any further stage of the game developed
Let’s work together! Create HTML5 games with us.
Fruitegic team with us