Christmas light show

Ho ho ho! Look out, everyone, Santa’s on his way and he needs your help collecting all the presents before the big day! But be careful not to bump into those pesky trees – we don’t want any reindeer mishaps, do we? So put on your best elf shoes and let’s get to work! Together, we can make sure every good girl and boy gets their gifts in time for Christmas morning. Ready, set, go!

Hey there, Elf. Are you ready to give Santa a hand and have some fun? This game is all about Christmas magic, awesome gifts, and the famous Kinder Egg Challenge. Get ready to be Santa’s right hand and assemble some amazing toys. Are you ready for some hands-on fun? All you need to do is drag and drop the parts that you find in the workshop onto the toys you think they belong to. Let’s get to work and make sure that every kid has a happy holiday!