Ho ho ho! Santa is on his jolly way to collect all the gifts before Christmas. You get to be Santa’s helper and collect as many gifts as possible, but don’t let those pesky trees get in your way! Let’s show Santa how good we are at gift collecting and make sure no one is left without a present on Christmas Day. So come on, let’s go get those gifts!

Get ready to light up your world with Christmas Light Show! This exciting platform-based game is a true masterpiece waiting to be explored. You will embark on an incredible journey that will take you through festive landscapes while brightening up the world with beautiful Christmas lights. With each level, you’ll find yourself inspired by the magic of the holiday season while enjoying a challenging, yet heartwarming experience. So, gather your family and friends to join you on this thrilling adventure, and let the light of Christmas shine bright in your hearts. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Christmas Light Show!

The game score and progress is automatically saved in local storage. When you clear the browser storage all data is removed as well. If you want to keep your score, please do not clear your browser data storage. Soon we will add platform log in so you can save your score and never lose it. In case you face some issues while playing, try to delete your browser history and start the game again. If this do not help, please contact us:

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