Apple or Banana quiz, which team are you on?

There are over 7,000 apple cultivars across the world and 2,000 are grown up in the US. You probably know for a few. Today we know for 1,000 banana types grouped in 50 groups. You may ask how it is possible to have that many different cultivars and how is it possible that we use only a few. Well, this is related to many key factors. The agriculture of your country or transportation possibilities and shipping price if it’s improtted are the important factors.

The most popular apples in the world are Granny Smith, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp and Idared apples. Each of them are recognizable by the color, taste and smell. Whatever apple you prefer, you should know that there are many benefits if you consume them on a daily basis.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say. It helps to protect your heart, boosts brain health, can help you if you’re on diet, lowers risk of diabetes and even fights cancer.

And there is a banana, the best source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. It’s perfect for your metabolism and nervous system, Bananas give you more energy. Cavendish Banana, Red Banana, Lady Finger Banana, Blue Java Banana or Burro Banana, there are many and to be honest I saw Red and Blue one only in the photos.

You can make pies, cakes, smoothies but the best way is to consume them fresh. Many juices you can buy in a store have additional sugars, so you should avoid consuming them oftenly.

Apple or Banana quiz

If you didn’t, take a moment and eat one apple or a banana. If you’re not sure which one you should take, play our fun quiz now. Apple or Banana, which team are you on?

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