Home sweet home… Fruitegic team is back

Fruitegic team is back with a new games, ideas, and crew of experienced enthusiasts who’s only mission is to make people happy and relaxed. In a world we are living in today, being relaxed is a luxury and every moment we can convert everyday stress into the peaceful relaxing mood is a gift.

Fruitegic team creates fun educative content that everyone can relate with. Quest, Flash or Bloom choose your perfect game and practice your skills. Learn about fruit, recipes and cocktails that will make your day. Fruitegic family is growing, new games are on the run and new challenges are rising the players curiosity.

Test your memory, reflexes and have fun!

This is a word of the creators:

We are happy to announce that after few years of break the team is back. We started with a memory match challenge game, but it is a perfect time to get back with a new idea. Our players can learn and have fun and they use to it but is there something more we can offer? Yes, we can. Our games are totally free, we do not expect players to do any in game purchases, we want to create place where players can land any time, where favorite game is just a tap away, where no high-level device performances are required. We want to create games everybody can play from five to one hundred five-year-old.

We promise more fun, more minigames and new projects our players will love.

You can find our free memory match game Fruitegic Flash 9apps service.