Halloween Marathon is addictive game where focus and patience are most important to take the challenge and light up as many pumpkins as you can. Watch out from the ghosts and enjoy lovely candies. Trick or treat!

Halloween Marathon looks like a minigame you already played but at the first couple seconds players can see that this challenge requires focus and great motoric skills. How long you will last in this game where you must change neutralizer, laser, and candy catcher all that while fast pumpkins passing by ghosts attack you and lovely candies tempts you to think about them. The great catch in this challenge is that while you’re trying to run this Halloween Marathon, you’ll have a chance to collect badges, trophies, and boosters. All these hidden surprises are available only for those who are ready to take the challenge and hit the play.

The game score and progress is automatically saved in local storage. When you clear the browser storage all data is removed as well. If you want to keep your score, please do not clear your browser data storage. Soon we will add platform log in so you can save your score and never lose it. In case you face some issues while playing, try to delete your browser history and start the game again. If this do not help, please contact us: fruitegic.support@fruitegic.com

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